Sbarry's computer science guide

By: Soulaymana Barry

Welcome to my Computer Science page! On this page you will learn the basics of certain sections of computer science. You will learn about things like AI, Graphics, Cyber security, and Algorithms


AI is and abbreviation for artificial intelligence. This means they are computers that are able to think for themselves, (although not completely) and have human like traits.AI is important because they can learn from their mistakes and improve on their own, becoming far better then they were initially. This can also be dangerous though because computers might advance past humans when it comes to thinking for themselves and might become dominant. Overall though AI is a great part of computer science as it helps us push the abilities of computers and technology to its limit.

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Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics (althoug a sub feild in computer science) are vary importent. Computer Graphics is what its name implies, it is a feild in computer science where you change/manipulate graphic designs and visual content. The importants of graphics is without graphics you basically woulden't have a website. You need this skill to make a wbsite. The skill of computer grapics can also be used to enchance your website and make it look more appealing. Which can and will make people more intreasted in your website.

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Cyber security

Cyber security is a protection form of computer science and it focuses on,well...Cyber protection. The reason it is so important is It protects computers from being hacked and without it hardware, software, and information would be stolen. Cyber sucrity works by creating fire walls to protect the computer from getting its content stolen and or messed up. This can land you in many jobs as there is always a need to protect information and to protect computers.

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Algoristms are a huge part of computer science andd can be used for a numorous amout of things. One thing it is used for is problem solving. It is used to identify a problem and solve it. It does this through a use of calculations and data processing. Algoriths can also be used to colect data and information. It also helps you serch for things and is a big part of serch engines.

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